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 Our 3rd Edition Will Be Released

Summer, 2022


Giving a successful college audition is incredibly challenging and takes months of preparation. Our book will walk you through every step of this process, from figuring out where to audition and choosing audition material to deciding where to attend. Each chapter focuses on a question central to the audition process with special sections for the student, teacher, and parent. This book, which has been vetted by professionals on both sides of the table, offers honest, practical advice that will make auditioning for college a positive experience for all involved.


“While resources exist that proffer advice for music theater auditions, many do not pertain specifically to those for college admission. David Sisco and Laura Josepher, who between then hold degrees in vocal performance, musical theater, and educational theater, offer guidance on a wide range of topics relevant to the college music theater applicant. The authors speak not only to students, but also to parents and teachers who are usually involved in the process…

“The college application process has grown highly competitive, and students look for any edge to make themselves stand out in the audition pool. Mastering College Musical Theatre Auditions contains useful tools for prospective music theater majors, particularly when consulted in conjunction with the advice of parents and teachers. Students who are contemplating a college degree in music theater should investigate this volume.”

~ Debra Greschner, Journal of Singing (January/February 2018)

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"How to" Audition Videos

As a free companion to the book, we offer a growing body of “how to” videos, which guide students and professionals alike through various elements of the audition process. Check back, as we’ll be adding videos often!


For more videos, visit our YouTube page. We're always adding new ones!