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Mission & History seeks to connect performers, voice teachers and educators to well-written, largely unpublished contemporary musical theatre songs and ensure that writers get paid for their work.

As the largest database of contemporary writers and songs, subscribers gain access to hundreds of songs - searchable by voice and song type - which they can then listen to, purchase, and download. All writers receive 100% of their song sales — a model unique in the industry. We forge relationships with colleges and universities and offer masterclasses and workshops to teach young artists the specific skill sets necessary to work on new musicals. We also passionately promote new music and new musical theatre writers.

The site was founded in November 2012 to help students, teachers, and musical theatre professionals directly connect to writers and their largely unpublished material. In 2016, we upgraded the site and made an online sheet music purchasing platform so subscribers could have direct access to our wide collection of songs. By circumventing the normal publishing models, we’ve created a resource that helps find a wide breadth of repertoire that falls underneath the large umaboutbrella of what contemporary musical theatre is today.

David & Laura at the 5th Anniversary Concert, March 2018


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