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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I be signed in on more than one computer?

No. Our technology only allows users to be signed in on one computer or device at a time.

I received the message “session limit exceeded” what does this mean?

The security on our site only allows users to be signed in on one computer or device at a time.  If you are signed in on another device (ipad, phone, laptop, desktop) you will receive the message “session limit exceeded.“ Be sure to log off from each device when you leave your session.

Do you sell sheet music?

We sure do! Once you’re a subscriber, you will have the ability to buy most of the repertoire available on the site. Add songs to your “Cart” then checkout when you’re ready. Then go to your “My Orders” page and download the watermarked PDF scores (up to three times). The writers will receive every cent of the sale price of their songs. Songs that aren’t available for sale on our website will forward you to another storefront to purchase them in one click.

How do make money if we give all the money to our writers?

We offer a completely unique model of online sheet music sales. Because we're a subscription-based website, we're able to make sure writers get every cent of their song sales. That's the way we believe it should be.

What is the cost of the sheet music?

Most of the the songs on our site range from $6 to $10. We let our writers set their own price. We add $1.95 fee to each piece of music sold to cover our bank fees.

What happens if a writer doesn’t respond to my query?

If you have trouble reaching any our writers, please contact Founder & President David Sisco at