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Chapter 7: Auditioning for New Musicals

Performing in Contemporary Musicals
Chapter 7: Auditioning for New Musicals

Online Companion


Choosing Material

  • Click here to download our list of under-sung contemporary musical theatre songs by genre and voice type. (p. 165)

  • Click here to download our audition book guidelines (p. 165)

  • Activity V (p. 165)

    • Click here to download material for Activity: Translating Character Breakdowns


Keeping Your Audition Material Fresh



  • Click here to download our Guide for Self-Taping (p. 174)


Self-Taping Examples

Claire Hayner: “All Figured Out” from Gay Card (Ryan Korell & Jonathan Keebler)(p. 174)

Instagram: @clarionmare


Carson Kaleo: “Hallelujah I Love Her So” (Ray Charles) audition cut)(p. 175)

Instagram: @carsonkaleodavis



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