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Chapter 8: Picking Up New Material

Performing in Contemporary Musicals
Chapter 8: Picking Up New Material

Online Resources


Sight Reading 

  • Click here for a glossary of musical terminology (p. 186)

  • Click here for information on relative minor scales (p. 187)

  • Click here to download the sight reading worksheet (p. 187)


A Note on Singing Harmony

  • Click here to download the interval worksheet (p. 190)


Overcoming an Aversion to Sight Singing 

  • Click here to download the Chorales & Musical Sides worksheet (p. 193)




Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading: Cold Reading

  1. Deer, Joe. 2019. “Fight the Good Fight: Understanding Tactical Actions.” Dramatics, July 10, 2019.

  2. Schiffman, Jean. 2010. “The Top 10 Action Verbs To Have In Your Toolkit.” Backstage, August 14, 2012.    


Recommended Reading: Sight Reading & Learning by Ear

  1. Ates. Alex. 2019. “This Skill Makes You a More Competitive Musical Theatre Actor” Backstage, June 4, 2020.

  2. Riley, Christine. 2020. Music Fundamentals for Musical Theatre. New York: Methuen Drama. 




  1. Sight Reading Factory: an online resource with multiple levels of sight reading practice and an algorithm to ensure you don’t repeat exercises:

  2. Learn to Sing Harmonies - Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials: