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Online Companion

Performing in Contemporary Musicals
Online Companion

 Performing in Contemporary Musicals


Performing in Contemporary Musicals is the only textbook to provide a comprehensive overview of the development process of a new musical while highlighting the essential skills musical theatre performers must possess to be fruitful collaborators in a new works scenario. 

The book opens with a working definition of contemporary musical theatre. It then gives insights into the development timelines of several contemporary musicals from around the world, and helps reader better understand their responsibilities in readings and workshops. Further chapters feature an in-depth exploration of many subjects including: 

  • Dramaturgy (story arc, character arc, musical and lyrical structure, and rhyme scheme)

  • Acting and singing contemporary styles

  • Auditioning for new works

  • Quickly digesting new material

  • The art of collaboration

  • Working on material that isn't fully realized (yet)

Performing in Contenemporary Musicals can be used as the text for a semester-long course or as a resource for personal exploration. Each chapter focuses on a single topic, outlines the challenges presented, and offers real-world solutions with corresponding advice from a panolpy of diverse theatre artists. There are numerous activities embedded in each chapter to practice the skills discussed and an extensive list of resources for further study at the end of each chapter and on this companion website. 

All this makes Performing in Contemporary Musicals an invaluable resource for every musical theatre performer, who necessarily makes readings and workshops a healthy part of their career.



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